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The only attendance software that suitable for shift-worker company

INVOCORE specialize in Time & Attendance solutions for all size of business. Our Cloud based software – invoTIME helps you to capture accurate attendance data by our Face Recognition Device or Mobile App and data be synced real-time to the dashboard. Our software is very flexible and it has customizable options to create multiple shift patterns with different sets of rules. We also do automated calculation for Normal Overtime, Rest Day Overtime and Public Holiday Overtime.

invoTIME also provides one click export and import SQL Payroll Users. With this feature, you probably will cut down the time you spend on payroll process every month.

Tracking employees’ work hours has never been easier
  • Real-time Data Tracking
  • Eliminate Buddy Punching
  • GPS Location Captured
  • Automated OT/Lateness Calculation
  • Flexible Shift Patterns
  • One-click import to SQL Payroll Software
  • Rounding OT Hours
  • Attendance Summary Reports
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invoTIME features

invotime offers an advanced &  intelligence clocking system to increase your productivities.

Companies that trust us
We have worked with companies big and small.
Our Time Attendance Software supports different features which allows customization and control.

We developed “invoTIME” at our in-house development team, a software aim easily manage your employee’s attendance, minimizing the time that Payroll/managers has to spend on manual input (time in & out, absents, overtime calculation, late hours calculation and etc). All data collected can be transfer to SQL Payroll with a few clicks with converted format.

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