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INVOCORE specialize in Time & Attendance solutions for all size of business. Our Cloud based software – invoTIME helps you capture accurate attendance data. We’re an expert in its field providing Time & Attendance solutions using the latest biometric technology or Mobile App to capture accurate & Real-time employees’ data for all size of businesses.

  • Real-time Data Tracking
  • Eliminate Buddy Punching
  • GPS Location Captured
  • Automated OT/Lateness Calculations
  • One-clicked import to payroll software
what we do

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Employee Database

Store your employee database on cloud server and manage employee directory, reports, access permission, employee engagement and company structure on invotime dashboard.

Shift Assignment

Gain complete control over employee availability and schedules and manage employee shift adherence in real-time.

Attendance Tracking

Attendance tracking report allows you to view and track your employee working hours and take immediate action accordingly.

Dashboard Overview

Time captured on the advanced time clock syncs back with your invotime dashboard to provide real-time information for making proactive decisions.

Advance Reporting

Time captured on the face recognition device syncs back with your InvoTime System to provide real-time information for making proactive decisions.

Intelligent Facial Recognition

Go beyond biometrics with face identification capabilities. Forget memorizing User IDs or clunky badges and barcodes. Make punches theft-proof and faster.

Having trouble on tracking your employees time & attendance?

Having Trouble Managing Employees Data?

Invocore offers a solution to manage and store employees data in cloud server.

Stressed Over Hours Worked Calculation?

HR spends hours on just calculating the total working hours every month before the payroll.

Reduce Paper and Save the planet!

Wasting a lot of resources on printing summary report every month? With Invotime, we provides paperless reports

Stressed Over OT Hours Calculation?

HR spends hours on just calculating the total OT hours every month before the payroll.
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invotime offers an advanced &  intelligence clocking system to increase your productivities.

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